PVSEC-27 The 27th International Photovoltaic Science and Engineering Conference


    Room1 Room2 Room3 Room5 Room6 Poster Session
November 12
13:00-15:00       Tutorial 1    
15:30-17:30       Tutorial 2    
18:00-20:00         Welcome Reception  
November 13
8:30-10:00 1MoO1 5MoO3 7MoO5  
10:30-12:00 1MoO2 5MoO4 7MoO6  
13:30-15:35 Opening Ceremony      
16:00-19:00 Keynote, Plenary, Special Talks      
November 14
8:30-10:00 1TuPl1, 3TuPl2, 9TuPl3        
10:30-12:00 1TuO1 2TuO4 5TuO7 Women in PV  
13:30-15:30 1TuO2 3TuO5 9TuO8 Asian Nations  
16:00-18:00         Asian Nations  
18:30-20:00 8TuO3 2TuO6 6TuO9   Poster Session
November 15
8:30-10:00 4WePl1, 5WePl2, 8WePl3        
10:30-12:00 8WeO1 2WeO3 4WeO5 5WeO7  
13:30-14:45 1WeO2 2WeO4 4WeO6 7WeO8  
November 16
8:30-10:00 2ThPl1, 6ThPl2, 7ThPl3        
10:30-12:00 1ThO1 4ThO3 6ThO5 IEA/PVPS WS  
13:30-15:30 1ThO2 2ThO4 6ThO6 IEA/PVPS WS  
16:00-18:00         IEA/PVPS WS Poster Session
November 17
8:30-10:00 1FrO1 2FrO3 10FrO5 7FrO7  
10:30-12:00 1FrO2 2FrO4 3FrO6 7FrO8  
12:00-13:00 Closing Ceremony          

Technical Area

Area 1
Crystalline and Thin Film Silicon PV
Area 4
Organic and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Area 7
Performance and Reliability of PV Modules
Area 2
Thin-Film Compound Semiconductor PV
Area 5
Perovskite Solar Cells
Area 8
PV Systems Including BOS Components
Area 3
III-V Compound Semiconductor and Concentrator and Space PV Technologies
Area 6
Advanced Concepts and New Emerging Materials for Future PV
Area 9
PV System Integration Including Smart Grid
Area 10
PV Deployment; Industry, Market and Policy

Session Code

Session Code