PVSEC-27 Technical Program Committee

Area Chair Co-chair Co-chair Co-chair
Area 1: Crystalline and Thin Film Silicon PV Y. Ohshita
(Toyota Tech. Inst.)
N. Usami
(Nagoya Univ.)
A. Terakawa
D. Kim
(Korea Univ.)
Area 2: Thin-Film Compound Semiconductor PV H. Shibata
T. Minemoto
(Ritsumeikan Univ.)
R. Scheer
(Martin Luther Univ. Halle)
Area 3: III-V Compound Semiconductor and Concentrator and Space PV Technologies T. Takamoto
M. Imaizumi
F. Dimroth
Area 4: Organic and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells M. Hiramoto
Y. Yoshida
Alex K- Y. Jen
(Univ. Washington)
Area 5: Perovskite Solar Cells S. Hayase
(Kyushu Tech.)
S. Dai
T. Kubo
(Univ. Tokyo)
Area 6: Advanced Concepts and New Emerging Materials for Future PV Y. Okada
(Univ. Tokyo)
K. Matsubara
J. -F. Guillemoles
Area 7: Performance and Reliability of PV Modules Y. Hishikawa
K. Morita
T. Sample
Area 8: PV Systems Including BOS Components Y. Ueda
(Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
T. Oozeki
R. Hoeller
(Univ. Appl. Sci. Upper Austria)
Area 9: PV System Integration Including Smart Grid K. Ogimoto
(Univ. Tokyo)
H. Asano
Area 10: PV Deployment; Industry, Market and Policy H. Yamada
I. Kaizuka
A. Jager-Waldau
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